Webinar on how to increase the labour market participation among vulnerable groups in the Nordic countries

Join us for an exciting webinar concerning the highly relevant but difficult question on how to increase the labour market participation among vulnerable groups.

HBS Economics and VIVE are hosting a webinar in collaboration with the Nordic Council of Ministers. The webinar is part of a larger research project concerning how to increase labor market participation among vulnerable groups in the Nordic countries. It is particularly relevant for researchers, public authorities, and practitioners who want to understand what keeps some vulnerable groups out of the labor market and how we can increase the labor market participation among these individuals.

During the webinar, we will present the most important results from the project so far, including a descriptive comparison of labour market participation among vulnerable groups, a framework outlining employment barriers faced by these groups, an analysis of the prevalence of employment barriers, and a statistical segmentation of vulnerable individuals based on the employment barriers they face rather than on their demographic characteristics.

Following the presentation of the results from the project, we will warmly welcome three external speakers who will provide different perspectives on vulnerable groups and effective labor market instruments. The external speakers include:

  • Renate Minas, professor at Stockholm University. Renate is currently the project leader of a research project on young people Not in Employment, Education and Training (NEET).
  • Helka Raivio, sociologist employed at the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL). Helka is currently the development manager responsible for introducing and implementing the IPS model (Individual Placement and Support) into the psychiatric care and rehabilitation services in Finland.
  • Anders Stenberg, associate professor at Stockholm University. Anders will provide insights into the economics of retraining and continued education among adults in Sweden.

Practical information

Date and time: March 20th from 13:00 to 14:30.

Language: English.

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T: +45 20213953